deluxe double fold - a night people records compilation

grab this nice compilation of upcoming releases on night people records.

here’s the tracklist:

we shave - creme dream blues ii
dirty beaches - don’t let the devil find you
dan melchior und das menace - pretty torn up
yves son ace - style promotion
son of salami - fat city
street gnar - without blue
coppertone - year of the tiger
goldendust - after the smoke grew thick
cellophane spill - zaj mak ta
blanche blanche blanche - heroes of the microphone
ela orleans - i know
eklin - polan
three legged race - china bull
chrome dome - cma
ryan garbes - moistpop
lantern - get out of my mind
trailblazer - don’t need it anyway
canterbury rams - simple mind
white woods - groundswell

nevermind, if you’re not particularly familiar with the above names. i’m sure you agree to give credit to someone who says the following about his relation to music in a recent interview:

"i don’t listen to music on the computer or through [digital] devices. i want music to be as dictating of my attention as possible. music is like religion to me, like scripture, so i take it seriously."

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