Hype Williams — Kim Gordon

new cut, new id — new members??

Hype Williams — Ƒlexin

Ninos Du Brasil — Novos Misterios

’Drum & Vocal Renditions’ is primal and at times unsettling: a variety of percussion instruments sound-out during the album’s full-length playing time - from quiet goat bells arising here and there, gongs, an Mbira out of the dark and drill-machine-like toys, all while Lambert’s untouched vocal meanderings draw us in like a compass offering the way through the woods.

DeepChord presents Echospace - Silent World (Original motion picture soundtrack)

Moondog was a unique and highly influential artist and the feature-length documentary about his life is still in the making. Help making it happen if you can and care. Here’s the link to do so.

Felix K - Field Recording mix


Dear Listeners,

Our moving truck got stolen around 4:17 am this morning, along with all my studio equipment, backup drives, instruments (even a 900 pound piano!) and all of our lifelong possession. We lost EVERYTHING.

Video of robbery in progress: http://youtu.be/BxdvglpfjBk

We are asking…

Khaki Blazer - Headband

hashtagNOClue. I’m not even sure if it’s a weird mix or a collection of equally weird own productions. The closest reference point might be Her Records, Fis, and the like. On acid.

Back when many more things could be taken at face value; and irony didn’t leak into all things fun and serious; and pluto was still a planet: drum n’ bass was a paranoia-drenched chase through an industrial tunnel. for a brief period between ‘97-‘00 it mutated into this dark and twisted monster, called tech-step.
A1-Soundcarrier captures this majestic moment perfectly, it is _the_ definitive tech-step mix. Forever ‘98!
Click photo for download.

Fis - CE Visions

Raising Holy Sparks - Era of Manifestations

Era of Manifestations is an amalgamation of sounds, styles and collective efforts and possibly my best ever half-drunk random purchase at the merch table.

COH - Beat to Wave