Murcof & Tony Buck — Live @ Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, 7.9.2013.



The question should not be “what did the author mean to do?” but rather, “what does this work actually mean in the real world, and what are its implications?”

amen to that

I’ve thought a lot about this but not sure I have the writing ability or clarity of mind to make my thoughts comprehensible…I think for me what it boils down to is that whilst the above is true (the work’s “meaning in the real world” is more important than the intent of the author) there is an inverse to this which is that a responsible author will consider or at least acknowledge this meaning. Without any discussion about the relation between the aesthetic and politic that goes beyond simplistic binary oppositions of artist/work, intention/result, theory/art, we are often left with a critique that addresses neither the work nor the author, rather merely taking their stated intention at face value. What is problematic in the artist is neatly separated from the work and what is problematic in the work is cleanly disavowed by the artist.So thanks JH for wading into those murky waters.

Do you know music (which can be - however - traced back to Faitiche)?

01. G.E.S.: Birds of Heraklion, Album: Circulations (faitiche02)
02. G.E.S.: previously unreleased
03. Helmut Schmidt: plays Bach (with the birds) - previously unreleased
04. Groupshow: Pet Hair Magnet - (Staubgold)
05. Jan Jelinek: Palmen aus Leder, Album: Tierbeobachtungen
06. Ursula Bogner: Der Chor der Oktaven, Album: Sonne = Blackbox (faitiche05)
07. Ursula Bogner: Begleitung für Tuba, Recordings 1969-1988 (faitiche01)
08. Faitiche: plays Walter Rota - previously unreleased
09. Anne Westphalen & Peter Lay: Liveremix of Jan Jelinek’s ‘Tierbeobachtung’, Album: HUB Tierbeobachtungen
10. G.E.S.: Im Schilf, Album: Ciculations (faitiche02)
11. Triosk meets Jan Jelinek: On the Lake, Album: 1+3+1
12. Groupshow: It’s not just country birds that are attaracted (to this blue glass bird bath), Album: The Martyrdom of Groupshow
13. Farben: Xango, (faitiche06)
14. Jan Jelinek: Fragments Volume 1, excerpt from ‘Bicéphale’ by Sylvain Émard
15. Ursula Bogner: Trabant, forthcoming Album: Sonne = Blackbox (faitiche05)
16. Samadha Trio: Anonyme, Jan Jelinek’s Flötentöne vor Kalua Remix
17. Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek: Stripped to RM, Album: Bird, Lake, Objects (faitiche03)
18. G.E.S.: Hong Kong Cable Car, Album: Circulations (faitiche02)

Atom™ & Marc Behrens - Bauteile

It may come off as an unexpected collaboration, but apparently this has been in the making for 26 years. With hindsight, the collage-like nature of the work makes perfect sense — and a perfect platform for Atom’s twisted humor.

Drone Travolta makes the ghost in the machine sing.

"Do you have problem with the understanding my art? Because you’re constantly in the wrong beat."

Soundwalk Collective's Bessarabia Ghost Tapes with the accompanying video is like the ultimate Béla Tarr movie scene: it’s a long, slowly progressing night ride through the abandoned streets of an unnamed Eastern-European town shot in black and white.

The video, just as much the works of the Collective (and Tarr’s movies for that matter) is part down-to-earth social realism, part elevated contemplation on human existence, which, together with the delicate sound matter, makes this 40+ minutes a truly enveloping experience.

Recording of Carla Under Water’s first ever solo performance, live at UH Demo 4. (also: among the most captivating 15 minutes of the evening.)

In the never ending quest for finding the perfect drone, Kevin Drumm's Organ is among the most accomplished efforts. It’s huge, overwhelming even, and mesmerizing right as the first sounds flow out of the speakers as cooling molasses. It’s a monolith of sound and like all true monoliths it exists out of the context of time in a dedicated dimension of our perceivable reality.

Organ was recorded by Jim O’Rourke in 1996.

Shahr Farang - Label podcast for densinghour mixed by Ahu

Shahr Farang is apparently a joint effort (art project? platform of resistance? they claim not to be a record label..) by Ahu and Lenta.

Ahu is also known as Sohrab and Sohrab is known for releasing politically charged, tragic and beautiful records on Touch. Lenta is still my favourite mysterious house/other producer.

The Liar is taken from the forthcoming Fennesz album Bécs. out on Editions Mego on 28.04.2014.

Kontakt der Jünglinge - n

Kevin Drumm - Shut In

stream Part One above, click here for Part Two